Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Introduction

Welcome.  You've arrived at the initial blog post on the blog created as a format for the elders and ministers of the Southeastern Church of Christ in Indianapolis, Indiana to share their thoughts, their personal growth, their ideas, and the ways that God is working in their lives. 

In the summer of 2011, we introduced a vision statement to the church: 

We want to be a people...
Devoted to God in Love
Trained by Christ for Life
Led by the Spirit to Serve

Since that time, we have been exploring ways that we can drive that vision toward reality.  A great deal of feedback has been provided to us, and we have been working to evaluate what to do, and when and how to do it.  Several areas of commonality were identified, and we will be implementing ideas over the coming weeks and months.

One area that was repeated was that the leaders need to be open with their own lives and lead by example.  The concept is that we can better lead the church toward our vision by sharing how we are developing these very same concepts in our own lives.  We hope that this format will  help facilitate that process.

We are planning initially to post in rotation.  Each elder and minister has been assigned a week to create a posting, and that post should normally be uploaded between Wednesday night and Friday night of each week.  We will be starting in the next couple of weeks, and each time a posting is made we will post a link to the church Facebook page, and we will try to have it printed and inserted into the weekly bulletin.

Your questions and feedback are welcome, and we hope that we can generate some fruitful discussions to the glory of God.  Enjoy!

Your brother,


  1. I was wondering about being saved. I have read all the blogs but no one has said anything about it, only about how to feel better about myself. What can I do or what should I do?

    1. Thank you for this question. In my experience, the exploration of personal salvation is best done in a more personal setting...such as the biblical account of Saul of Tarsus with Ananias in the book of Acts. I would suggest if you are in the Indy area that you contact our church by phone and arrange for just such a study and discussion.

      If you really prefer to explore it on your own, I can suggest a couple of things...first, read your Bible...especially the books of Luke and/or John and the book of Acts. The book of Acts contains several examples of people finding those answers...second, I did write a series of blog posts directed at that subject on my personal blog. You can find the first in the series at the following link:

      That post was followed up by several more that all began with the "Christianity 101" can search them out. Read them all in order.