Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Compass by Mike DeCamp

The Compass

By Michael R. DeCamp

Born, endless roads yet unfollowed
The paths of life still mine to travel
Pain and strife beset those before me
Threatening foggy trails of upheaval

“Love God,” your words were like a compass
Pointing my heart like a needle
Parting the clouds to the horizon
For toddling feet, the trail was level

A child is too young to travel alone
A star was sent to light my way
Not my mother, she guided none the less
She enlightened the path into the fray

I walked and grew, grew and walked
Not yet a man, no longer a boy
The road had forks, enticing diversions
Compass forgotten, life to enjoy

Friends were sent to set my foot right
Words of faith, friendship, and direction
“Do you believe?” they asked “Will you keep walking?”
“Oh yes,” I said, immersed in reflection

Retrieving my compass, I cast my eyes forward
The road is long, and not for the sprinter
“I see it!” I said.  “I know where I’m going!”
The horizon comes on without drawing nearer

Alone on the road, I was given a heart
A heart to hold, cherish, or squander
“Will you?” I asked.  “I will,” she replied
“I’ll hold it,” I said, “and cherish it yonder”

We took up the path, walking together
United both hearts and minds
Soon, we were four and onward we traveled
Compass in mind, but forgotten sometimes

The road became dusty and hard to decipher
Sometimes it would wind, rise, and wander
Sometimes it grew lonely, dusty, and scattered.
“Am I going the right way?” I would pause and wonder

I have traveled that road from there to here
The forks still enticing as ever
But, I’ve still not reached my true destination
The road stretches on, and on; seems forever

I no longer claim to know its end
And still the path sometimes grows gray
But, when I’m unsure, not knowing the next step…
You stoop to my ear, whisper, and say:

“Look higher my son, and remember your compass.”

Dedicated to:
Emma Ogletree, the “Star” who introduced me to church
Mike Runcie & Neil Parsons, the youth ministers who “set my foot right”
Nancy DeCamp, the “Heart” I will always “cherish”
And especially dedicated to…

Ralph R. DeCamp, my father, and the man who gave me my “Compass.”
L to R: Mike DeCamp, Ralph DeCamp, David DeCamp

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