Thursday, October 8, 2015

Free Salvation? by Ron Peterson


By Ron Peterson

(Ron Peterson coordinates the Domestic Missions Ministry Support for the Southeastern Church of Christ)

I had the opportunity to listen to part of Mike Allen’s presentation at the Southeastern Church of Christ Men’s Advance. I was astonished at the insight of what it means to be saved and what Greg has been trying to share with us for the last year when we are together.


Salvation is not free, because you have to give up everything which is difficult, but Jesus said his burden is light compared to the Devil’s burden. David once said I will not sacrifice to my Lord what cost me nothing.


The Christian accepts the Holy Spirit to combine with his spirit, which puts God within you. Paul said everything you do is an act of service to God, which is worship. Worship is what you do 24/7. You do not come into the presence of God when going to the Church building, for He is already in you. He is always there. Thus, you attend Church to get together not to worship, but to build each other up by learning, encouraging, and helping others through study, interaction, and giving praises, funds, support, promises etc. so that your act of Worship (service) can have more influence.


The acceptance of Jesus as the Christ provides the gift of the Holy Spirit through Baptism, thus freeing the Christian from Sin, but it does not free us from the consequences of that sin. Sin diminishes our influence in the World. God is like an artist with paint brushes in His hand painting a portrait of your life. Sin is when you take a brush and paint something for yourself which makes a flaw in the portrait. God forgives that sin as we walk in the blood of Jesus, but He has to work it into picture which reduces the quality of the portrait. Paul is example of that flaw. He carried the burden of what he did to Jesus’s followers his whole life and knew it affected his service to God.


Let us praise God for the salvation through Jesus knowing our portrait will hang on God’s wall until we come to view what He has made for us to see. Fear not the flaws, for God is the expert and will make a beautiful portrait to be admired by all.


May we thank Jesus always for such a wonderful sacrifice for us!


Thoughts to remember,

Ron Peterson

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