Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"I'm Too Busy!" by Frank Black

“I’M Too Busy?"   
          This is today’s all too common refrain!  It may well be a valid reason at times, but it’s also come to be considered a “valid excuse”.  Have you said this?  C’mon on now; be honest.  Is it a reason or an excuse.  STOP!  // Stop at this point and truthfully evaluate how you actually spend your 24 hours a day every day. This relates to everyone from first grade until retirement – and perhaps beyond.  How do you spend your time?  How much of it is necessary?  How much is purely for your personal enjoyment? How much is “wasted”?  Yes, I’m talking to myself also. - [Television; movies; talking on phone; texting; facebook; tweeting; games [computer or other], clubs, sports, reading for pleasure [as opposed to reading for enhancement or learning]; travel; time with friends; hobbies; the list goes on].  We have so many choices now for ways to use our time.  Most of these are good choices, but of course there are bad choices also.  Chris Shelby, our missionary from Rwanda who visited last Sunday, told me they now have satellite TV and get ESPN, etc.  Even they have to be responsible in their choices and use of time.  Now don’t get me wrong; of course it’s very important to have recreation, relationships and communication with others, and “down time.”  We just need to keep a proper balance.  How is your balance?

         While I’m talking about balance, I’ll put in a word against what I call being “electronically tethered” – being a slave to cell phones, texting, Face book, internet capability, or whatever new ‘creature’ comes along.   It’s improper for them to assume immediate and utmost priority to you [and please DO NOT use them while driving!].  A good general rule is: “Use new technology, but don’t be used [abused] by it.”  I think my grandson, Nicholas, has reached a very wise and functional way to use the new media.  He carries his cell phone with him, but he keeps it on “silent” - checking it about every 30 minutes.  He then responds if the situation is appropriate.  This is his way of using it but not being abused by it. 

          You’ve heard the statement: “Stop and smell the roses.”  We need to do more of this - Pause; reflect; take time to observe God’s wonderful creation; don’t over commit; drop even good things if you’re over committed; have more meaningful communication; read and study to learn;  plan to grow spiritually – through Bible study, books by Christian writers, CD’s, DVD’s, meetings and seminars, web sites, sermons, classes, etc.  There is such a wealth of good information available.  

          My underlying message is for you NOT to say you’re too busy - but to evaluate your lives, how you use your time, prioritize more wisely, make changes where needed, and always leave time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’    

          Let me conclude with this poem by Deborah Ann Belka, entitled:


Slow me down Lord;
help me to take the time.
Help me to see You’re more important
than this life of mine.
Slow me down Lord,
sometimes I move too fast.
Sometimes I am too busy seeing others
to realize it was You I’ve passed;

Slow me down Lord,
Help me to stay close to You.
Help me to know You are more worthy
than anything I have to do.

Slow me down Lord;
sometimes there’s too much to get done.
Sometimes it gets too hectic and I can’t tell
it’s Your voice that I shun.
Slow me down Lord;
help me to put You first.
Help me to see when I put things before You,
my soul will always thirst.
Slow me down Lord;
sometimes I am always on the go.
Sometimes I can’t stop what I am doing
to get close to You and grow.
Slow me down Lord;
help me to see that You are all I need.
Help me to know the time spent with You
is time I can’t afford to concede. 

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