Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spring Mill Bible Camp 2012-A Report by Steve Faidley

Hot and dry! Just like the rest of this Indiana summer has been, so was our week at Spring Mill Bible Camp (Mitchell, IN) the week of July 4th. But neither sun, nor heat, nor drought, nor any other obstacles kept us from having a great week of Bible camp for nearly 70 children ranging from 1st through 12th grades, with a few pre-Ks attending with their families. One of our primary goals is to build and strengthen relationships within our church family – between kids of various ages, backgrounds and schools; between adults and kids that might otherwise have a more difficult time getting to know each other; and between adults, too!

Our theme this year was focused on God’s lifesaving love by helping assure our kids that: God is with them; God cares for them; God provides what they need; God will save them; and, God will answer them. Our teaching staff did a wonderful job of providing daily lessons for all the campers. Camp consists of a daily Bible class, a noon and evening chapel, and devotionals in their cabins. Then there is a daily craft, an afternoon activity (which could consist of a trip to Spring Mill State Park caves, swimming or team activities), an evening all-camp activity, and some free-time a couple of times throughout the day. We also enjoy daily Pink Panther reports, afternoon and evening canteens and the annual Thursday night skits performed by each cabin.

We do our best to ensure that camp is self-funded. It’s not cheap and it’s a challenge to keep the cost to attend affordable. The Lord does provide though through the generosity of the Southeastern family and others. That generosity goes a long way toward keeping it affordable. This year, North Central church of Christ, through the efforts of Nathan Snell, was gracious enough to loan us their 24 passenger bus. This not only provided the extra passenger capacity that we needed this year, but also allowed us to avoid renting a second van and third van. Dennis McDaniel and Interstate Battery again provided batteries for our power-hungry two-way radios that each camp staffer carries. Dennis and Beth Law provided a trailer for the transporting of our equipment, supplies and food. And so many of you donated food and financial support, that we can’t thank you enough! The Lord bless each of you.

It takes a lot of people to make camp work. We had a great infusion of young adults this year who brought energy and great servant hearts that we hope will beat for camp for years to come. Below are those who came to camp and made it happen this year! Let them know you appreciate their service. A lot of people give up precious vacation days and even income to be a part of this effort each year. You are all very special people and words just really aren’t adequate to express the gratitude that Melanie and I feel toward all of you. The love you express toward all the kids is wonderful testimony of your faith and service.

Anni CarterEmily SpicelandMichelle Sweet
Bill SweetFrank BlackNathan Snell
Brenda KrebsJennifer AdamsRegina Hill
Charlene BrownJill WellsRomma Woodward
Chris KirbyKrista BrantlyShannon Knaack
Craig HillLinda BrownShelly Burress
Donna ShortMelanie FaidleyTracy Snell

I want to especially point out the “youth squad” that came this year. For several this was their first time as counselors or as camp staff. Without their incredible help and wonderful spirits, a successful camp simply would not have been possible:

Amanda Wright Matt Sullivan Stacee Krebs
Brian Short Nate Garrard Zander Faidley
Chase Nickelson Rachel Hill

Thank you all so much…and I hope you’ll consider signing up for next year!

You can check out pictures on the Southeastern Facebook page!

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